What To Expect From A Commercial Cleaning Service?

Cleaning is a task that anyone can do in theory, but only truly professional cleaners can do it correctly.  If you are running a business or if you are in a situation where sanitary conditions are required, commercial cleaning services in Columbus, OH will be a great choice to get this accomplished.

General trash removal

All cleaning companies in general are based around trash removal.  This trash removal will start with the removal of trash bags from trash cans.  These will then be taken to a central dumpster area or will be removed off site.  When looking at any cleaning service, this will be their primary function.

commercial cleaning services in Columbus, OH

Toilets and restrooms

The next area that you will want to have done is restrooms and bathrooms in general.  This will entail scrubbing toilets and urinals, replacing and refilling toilet paper, soap suspensors and paper towels.  Depending on the location that you are cleaning, the toilets, number of toilets and requirements will all vary.

Mopping and cleaning floors

After the general cleaning has been completed your cleaning company will need to go through the floors and sweep up dirt, the piles of trash that they have collected and more.  From there, after everything is said and done and you no longer have foot traffic, your cleaning crew will be able to come in and mop the floors and even wax them on occasion.

Dusting lights and accessories

In many cases your cleaning company will not go in and do a lot of dusting and cleaning of your accessories.  Since many of these belong specifically to companies and do specific tasks for the business, touching them is a no, no.

If you want your cleaning company to do lights, dusting and these extra tasks, generally, they will charge an extra fee on top of their standard pricing.